Christina A.


Elgin Fresh Market is like nothing I've ever seen before! I go on little adventures with my Gramie and she had raved about this place (yes, a grocery store... it's pretty awesome!) and I can definitely see why!

When I walked into the store I would have sworn I was shopping at a grocery store on TV! Their produce was perfectly and neatly stacked, all of the produce was fresh and you didn't have to dig around to find a "good one" like you do at any other store. I picked up some ingredients for some meals I was going to be cooking as well as some items from the bakery for family I was having in town.

From what I understand the bakery is a separate business from the grocery store, not a big deal at all. Be prepared to pay separately from the rest of your groceries. They have breads, pastries and cakes all displayed and they all look delicious! I can say the cake and breads I bought from them were fantastic!

Their prices were reasonable at both the bakery as well as the grocery store, in fact I would have paid MORE for the freshness of quality of the items I purchased. On my way out I saw they had a drink bar with an orange juicer just like one I had been in love with on a cruise I had taken a few years ago, I splurged on the orange juice and got myself a glass... SO worth it! Check this place out! I usually make a stop here whenever I'm in town!