This is one "Kick *** " little grocery establishment...absolutely the store that "Try's Harder" to earn your patronage!
This is obviously an "Old School" Grocery store footprint that has been updated with a bright & shiny finish. The food isles are reminiscent of traditional grocers, somewhat narrow in stature but remain inviting to explore.

The fruit and vegetable section greet you with a scream of exuberance enhanced by a kaleidoscope of color. Each piece is presented in "Precision" for your viewing enjoyment...astounding and scary at the same time...wow!

Michelle D.

Michelle D.
My new favorite store. All the variety of fruits & vegetables makes me want to try EVERYTHING! The prices are very reasonable & this place is definitely worth the stop. They also have a hot bar that has pre-Made dishes like tacos, fajitas & tamales. The meat selection too is not anything you've ever seen before too, all fresh meat & quite the selection too.
I can't wait to go back next week.

Christina A

Christina A.
Elgin Fresh Market is like nothing I've ever seen before! I go on little adventures with my Gramie and she had raved about this place (yes, a grocery store... it's pretty awesome!) and I can definitely see why!

Rose D

Rose D.
Love this market for the following reasons:
-excellent prices (example: you can get a huge container of fresh basil for $1.99, the same price you'd pay for a tiny container at Jewel)
-amazing meat, seafood & produce options
-great variety of Hispanic food items & even some Asian items you won't find at your local Jewel next door
-FABULOUS Mexican bakery in the back w/quite a dizzying array of goodies (you select & pay for those separately in the back)

Fruits and Veggies

colleen p.

I mainly shop here for the fruits and veggies. great selection! I've never gotten bad produce from this store. everything is fresh and tasty and their prices are decent...much cheaper than jewel. they seem to have a nice meat department and their baked goods will make your mouth water if you're into the sweets.....


Tanya M.
Chicago, IL

The one and only reason I come here is for the Elotes. They are life changing. I suggest if you have not yet tried one, that you try one when you are here. The stand in the front of the store by the window has grown from a small table to a large setup, and while they have expanded, the quality of the food has not lessened one bit! Everything is always fresh, made to order, and portioned correctly for the price. My mouth is watering just thinking about these Elotes right now. UH-MAY-ZING. To say the least.

Great Deli

David S.
Streamwood, IL

I like the store very clean, great fruit and vegetables. I always buy cheese and Deli items. Nice prepared hot foods too.